About Us

About Us

Welcome to Rudbai - Your Destination for Quality Retail

Founded in 2021 by Marcia Carmel Dlamini, Rudbai is a dynamic retail company committed to providing top-notch products that help you build the perfect personality. What began as a vision has transformed into a thriving enterprise, driven by our passion for excellence and dedication to your well-being.

Our Journey

Although officially registered in 2017, Rudbai truly came to life in 2023. Inspired by her background in Accounting Sciences and a deep desire to contribute positively to society, Marcia Carmel Dlamini embarked on a mission to create a retail experience like no other. As a housewife at the time, Marcia's determination led her to establish Rudbai, a venture that has since blossomed into a haven of exceptional in-house brands.

Our Brands

At Rudbai, we take pride in our carefully curated collection of in-house brands, each designed to cater to your unique needs:

 Gigi & Tees

Unleash your style with Gigi & Tees - a brand that encompasses T-Shirts, Casual Wear, Swimming Costumes, and more. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you stay ahead of the fashion curve.


Discover the epitome of hair care with Bõõdey4Life. From Weaves and Wigs to Locks and Bundles, our brand offers a comprehensive range of hair products that redefine beauty and confidence.


Experience the power of nature with Neuruba - our All-Natural Haircare brand. From Hair Shampoo,Leave in Conditioner,Hair Mask,Hair Oil to Hair Conditioner, our products are crafted to enhance your hair's natural radiance, leaving you with a lasting impression.

Our Mission

At Rudbai, our mission is simple yet profound - to encourage individuals and raise awareness about the significance of cultivating a perfect personality. Through our exceptional brands, we aspire to empower you to embrace your uniqueness, express yourself, and build a persona that radiates confidence.

Our Vision

We envision Rudbai as the ultimate retail destination, a place where well-being takes center stage in the pursuit of a perfect personality. With a focus on promoting self-care, authenticity, and positivity, we aim to become a driving force in your journey towards personal transformation.

Join us at Rudbai and embark on a transformative retail experience that goes beyond products - it's a journey towards building a remarkable personality, one exceptional brand at a time.