Personality is a variable factor. Our behavior and our interaction with other people is a great way 
to track our inborn personality. However, did you know that your outfits are one of the best ways 
to make a perfect first impression of your personality?
At Rudbai, we offer a dynamic range of clothing options for women, men, and children, giving 
you the ultimate shopping experience of buying for the whole family. Especially if you are a person 
who cares about your personality, you should ideally check our customized product list to make 
yourself stand out from the rest.
Clothing allows you to express yourself as a person. The more distinctive your dress is, the more 
you get highlighted and unique. And it not only makes you attractive but also makes you more
confident about yourself to bring the best out of you. So let us help you in the process. Be the most 
vibrant men and women for an impactful tomorrow!
Rudbai started its operations as an initiative of thinking differently. With our founder’s interest in 
apparel, we wanted to make a brand that provides excellent self-confidence via their clothing. So 
many people care about their outfits, however unable to find a perfect fit for their style and 
So it was essential for us to understand these issues in the market to provide premier solutions for 
the people based on their demands. As a result, our founder, Marcia Carmel Dlamini, a graduate 
in Bachelors in accounting Sciences, used her knowledge and insight to develop a creative idea to match these demands 
through unique branding. Moreover, at Rudbai, we design our outfits based on the latest needs to 
suit every personality bringing them the ideal satisfaction for their shopping experience.
Marcia is a Wife, a Mother of 3 Beautiful children. But, on the contrary, she believes that it further 
motivated her to explore something that will spread her wings to make unprecedented changes for 
the future. Moreover, it allowed her to use her experience for better usage in helping everyone to 
find their perfect choice. With a reputation to improvise people, we are further making changes to 
our platform to add more items to our product list to ensure we give you an exciting start to a 
stylish journey.
1. Exceptional Quality
Rudbai is a platform that is highly concerned about our product quality. Choosing and Selecting the best designs with a 
supreme level of quality is one reason for our continued success in the market. With our product
designers who possess years of experience in the process, we are confident that we can change
how people perceive their outfits and provide long-term service to impress our clients in the long
2. Dynamic Product Catalog
We have a unique approach in designing our product catalog since Rudbai's ongoing study about
the changing trends worldwide. Looking at how we performed throughout history, it is considered
one of the main elements of keeping our uniqueness to offer value to our clients.
3. Affordable Prices for Exclusive Service
Throughout the years, many people have been seeking the best deals to take maximum value for
their money. Another exciting thing about our E-commerce website is finding customized products
based on different pricing levels. Therefore with your budget, you will find the perfect item for
your needs at a minimum cost.
4. Continuous Improvising
It is exciting when you are the first to consume something at a very early stage of its introduction
to the market. And it further encourages us when our products become trends that are continuously
gaining attraction from different buyers who got influenced by our initial buyers. At Rudbai, we
like to offer highly diversified products that can bring out the best of our designers. Thereby giving
us more chances to build our continuous capacity to impress buyers from all parts of the world.
5. A Store for Entire Family
The platform provides the most convenient shopping experience for you as a buyer. With our most
elegant items listed for a different audience, you may choose products for your entire family. It
will help you save your time to avoid time wasted to make the best use of your limited time.
6. A Hustle Free Service
When we think of the early days of online shopping, people were reluctant to buy from these web
stores because of the less transparency about different aspects. However, with the continuous
monitoring of such fraud activities, online selling is considered even more flexible than physically
buying. With the most reliable policies on our platform, we ensure that we have your back
whenever you need any help from our end. Therefore don’t be afraid to express yourself on our
website to gain a fantastic experience.
7. Reliable Content and Photos
Have you ever experienced the worst scenario where you order something and receive something
else instead of what you saw on the platform? At Rudbai, we ensure that each product we list gets
through the monitoring before updating our platform. Therefore we give clear images and product
descriptions to avoid misunderstandings from the buyer's end.
8. A Fast Service
With the number of expectations of our clients, we always wanted to make the best for our buyers.
Having a transparent process enables us to make the fast process to make our clients very happy.

We plan to become the most effective e-commerce website that promotes the importance of
clothing to develop a perfect personality for everybody.
To encourage people to make them aware of the importance of building a perfect personality
through top-notch outfits.
We are constantly assisting people in building their confidence to go beyond their capacities via
our service. Furthermore, it helps our audience be more proactive with their clothing options to
make more attractive impressions in different setups. Therefore we believe that creating impacts
through apparel is one of the most successful go-to options in taking the first step of accepting
future challenges in various environments.